Eyebrow 49/-

Upperlip 40/-

Forehead 40/-

Chin 40/-

Full Face 299/-

Half Arms 299/-

Full arms 399/-

Half Legs 399/-

Full Legs 549/-

Feet and Palm 349/-

Face and Neck 399/-

Half Front/back 399/-

Full Front/Back 449/-

Underarms 149/-

Full Body 1699/-

Swedish Body Massage 1299/-

A truly traditional massage with regulated pressure, excellent for releasing knots and tensions in the body (60 mins).

Deep Tissue Massage 1399/-

A massge using oil relief from muscle stress with its strength and intensity (60 mins).

Soothing Oil Back Massage 699/-

A therapeutic massage using oil enhance the blood circulation, eases muscular pain and relaxes the muscles of the neck,back and shoulder (30 mins).

Foot Reflexology

20 minutes 349/-

40 minutes 649/-

A very anciet method of massage, in which pressure is applied to different points of foot which drains away stress and tension and restores a natural flow of energy in the body.

Head & Shoulder Massage

20 minutes 299/-

30 minutes 399/-

40 minutes 499/-

The therapy where pressure points on the scalp, neck and shoulder are stimulated to improve circulation, relieve tightness, tension and permote relaxation.

Hand Massage 399/-

Reduce joint pain and relax the muscles in your hands (20 mins).

Leg Massage 549/-

Reduce joint pain and relax the muscles in your legs(30 mins).

Body Polishing

Full Hand(30 minutes) 599/-

Full Leg(30 minutes) 699/-

Full Front/Back(30 minutes) 899/-

Full Body(90 minutes) 2199/-

The spa polishing exfloliates and hydrates skin, leaves it smooth and soft.